Go for It

One of the scariest things I've ever done is to share my original music...and be in a video.  That really terrified me!  I'm actually a very private person, but you can't be private in the music business.  You have to let people in and that's probably the scariest part about the whole thing.  I share my heart and soul with the world and hope people are inspired, touched, or just plain entertained. 

I just recently started singing and playing again after ten years.  My son just graduated High School and is headed for college...so I figured it was my time to get back in the game.  Most importantly, I love it.  I love singing, writing songs, and performing.  I love being around other singer/songwriters too.  I decided it was time to just "Go for It."

If you have a dream (and most of us do) it's time to do it now!  You'll never regret trying, but you will regret it if you don't.  

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